Pastor Search

CenterPoint is in the process of reviewing applications for a new pastor. If you are interested in this position, please take a look at our application procedure as well as the priorities we have established for reviewing applicants.

Application Procedure

To apply, please submit (electronic submission to email address below preferred):

Ministerial Data Form
Narrative of your own personal testimony and philosophy of ministry
DVD, CD or mp3 audio file (or link to host site) of a current /recent sermon

Provide this information to:
Pastor Search Committee
Centerpoint Church
P. O. Box 14884
Tallahassee FL 32317

Pastoral Priorities

The Session of CenterPoint has identified the following pastoral characteristics and gifts they believe are best suited for the next leader to love and shepherd our church family:

A Grace-Centered Shepherd
The pastoral candidate should have the capacity, desire, and will to love our diverse congregation. He should know us, be involved in our joys and struggles, and patiently minister to us in grace and truth. Leading, feeding, healing, protecting, and encouraging are all ways in which he is gifted to care for us. He should grow a multi-cultural community of grace.

A Word-Centered Communicator
The pastoral candidate should preach the gospel and teach the Bible with inspiration. He should not only communicate clearly but also be able to relate and teach Biblical truths to a cross-section of people from long-time believers to seekers. Amidst our broad range of spiritual maturity, we are a hungry congregation. He should be prayerful and patient, with vision and plans submitted to God’s Word and the counsel of the Holy Spirit. He should also have passion for discipleship and training and the ability to draw out the various strengths of our people.

A Deed-Centered Servant
The pastoral candidate must possess a sensitivity to and comfort with people from different racial and socio-economic backgrounds. This could be described as having a “broader cultural palette.” He must have a passion for vulnerable people, and he should lead us by example with a servant’s heart for poverty and social justice, being willing to humbly serve others in the heart of our city.

With a Reformed Perspective
We are committed to remaining a church within the PCA, and the pastoral candidate needs to be willing to become a member of the Gulf Coast Presbytery. He should also be humble, accepting, and patient towards people from various denominational backgrounds; have a passion for church unity and an ability to work across denominational lines.
Pastor Search Contact
Chair: Greg

Applications Contact
Applications Coordinator: Deanna

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