Harry Bearstein

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Harry Bearstein
Veronica Jones

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Veronica Jones
Sarah Smith

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Sarah Smith
Center Point is a gospel-centered congregation of the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) in Tallahassee, Florida. Our mission is to serve Tallahassee, finding and sharing the life in Christ with our community. We strive to be a worshiping community that is invested in each others' lives, caring for our neighbors in the center of the city. In these tasks, we are completely dependent on the love and grace of our Redeemer.
  • Worship

    Worship is central to our church community and a weekly moment in our church's life when we attempt to come humbly into the presence of our God to offer Him our gifts of thanksgiving, prayerful submission, praise and tithes. Our worship is a time when God meets us as we are, restores us to Himself and grants us the grace to carry His mission out into the world. Nursery for infants through pre-K is provided during our worship service, and children grades K-5 are dismissed prior to the sermon for Children's Church.

  • Community

    Community is another central theme at Center Point and is where most of our corporate prayer happens. We meet weekly in homes over a meal to fellowship with one another, share our joys and struggles, and to lift one another to God in prayer. Newcomers are always welcome, and attending a community group is a great way to get to know other folks at Center Point and get plugged into the heart of what we're about. It's also a great way for us to get to know you and, hopefully, learn to love and serve you well. We have two groups open to everyone, including children, and childcare will be provided. For information on how to get connected with a community group, visit our Ministries page.

  • Discipleship

    In discipleship, we strive to build one another up in the Christian faith, encouraging one another by looking at God's Word and allowing it to work in and teach us. We believe that an encounter with Christ in His Word is essential to growing in our faith. In our attempts at discipleship, we hope that all teaching is permeated with the grace of Jesus Christ so that we are encouraged to follow Him by relying and trusting completely in His righteousness and not on our own attempts to work our way into His favor. Discipleship at Center Point happens in community groups, men's and women's small group Bible studies and Children's Church. For information on current discipleship offerings, visit our Ministries page.

Jonathan Robson, Pastor

Center Point’s pastor, Jonathan Robson, came to Center Point in July of 2012, after two years in Lilongwe, Malawi where he taught Bible and theology at the African Bible College. Prior to that, Jonathan served as Associate Pastor for Walnut Creek PCA in Columbus, Ohio. He received his Masters of Divinity from RTS in 2005 and is ordained in the Presbyterian Church of America. Jonathan is married to Jessica, and together they have three children. Jonathan has a passion for teaching, preaching and ministering to the city of Tallahassee in word and deed.

If you are interested in more information about what we believe or about our denominational affiliation, you can access more information on the PCA's online site.